About me

My name is Paolo Pellegrino and I'm an Italian native speaker certified translator and Language Consultant.

I am committed to offering a comprehensive range of language services including document and website translation, proofreading, editing, sworn translations and etc.

I am a Lecce-based translator since 2008 and I have a Bachelor Degree in “Translating and Interpreting” (English – German – Italian). I have been studied at the University of Lecce (now known as University of the Salento) and after graduating I worked as a freelancer translator.

Client and agency feedback has been consistently extremely positive with regard to the style and accuracy of my translations and the reliability of delivery.

I have been working for translation companies as well as privately, which has enabled me to work in different contexts.

I am dedicated to providing sworn translations, in order to give an official character to your documents. By doing so, the translator (registered at the district court) puts his name and signature on the translation. I am registered at Lecce Tribunal as technical consultant (CTU).

What I always do recommend is that a translator should provide translations exclusively into his mother tongue. Only a native speaking translator can express all facets of the original text with the necessary linguistic sensitivity required. That is why your translation will be true to the original in every way.

If you would like to inquire after any of my services, please feel free to get in touch!


Translations into Italian
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